Yael Aflalo - fashion and tech industry entrepreneur

Yael Aflalo and her history with sustainable material
While traveling for work in China, Yael Aflalo saw the alarming toxic and detrimental impact of the fashion industry first hand. After that trip, she was determined to change the industry. Shortly thereafter, she founded Reformation—the revolutionary clothing brand that uses sustainable materials and practices throughout the entire business.

Yael Aflalo creates Reformation
With Reformation, Aflalo proved that fast fashion and environmentally friendly production are not mutually exclusive. Reformation built the first sustainable sewing factory in the United States, where Yael implemented sustainable measures into all elements of the brand. In 2015 RefScale was introduced, as a measuring tool to show CO2 and H2O savings alongside the labor assigned to the production of each Reformation piece. This tool allows customers to trace the environmental savings with each Reformation purchase.

Yael Aflalo designs her first clothing line
She designed her first solo clothing line, Ya-Ya, in 1999. Yael also had a vintage clothing store in Los Angeles and created a private clothing label for Urban Outfitters.

Yael Aflalo and her family
Yael was born in Los Angeles and now lives in New York City with her husband, two daughters and Frenchie.